SKyDrop - The File Transfer and File Sharing Solution for people who like it simple

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Straight forward file transfer

When you create a (SKy)Drop you decide who can download or upload files. They stay available for as long as you decide.

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Smart storage management

Files are deleted after predefinded yet flexible time periods to assure optimized data management and better performance.

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Secure file sharing

Your files are personal and we want to keep them this way; therefore, we encrypt everything you share. We manage your data on our servers in Switzerland where security, discretion and reliability are rock solid.

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Simple File Drop for free

A simple concept. The first 1 GB of storage are on us. Every account has 1 GB of storage for file exchanges to use for free. All files will be deleted automatically after 7 days (unless extended).

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Free usage, only pay for space extension

Simple file exchange up to 1GB is free. If you need more space subscribe for SKyDrop Pro and get 10GB of storage space.

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  • Files will be deleted after 7 days, unless extended*

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  • Files will be deleted after 30 days, unless extended*

* Extentions can be repeated

SKyDrop plans

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Tutorial Videos

We know that watching a video is easier than reading instructions ;-) Watch how SKyDrop works.

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SKyDrop is a file distribution and storage solution. In your SKyDrop account you can create as many Drops (folders for files) ... as you want for your file exchange or storage. Every Drop is like your personal workplace where all necessary files are organized just the way you like. You can add or remove files to the Drop, send the link to email addresses along with a message directly from the Drop interface, or copy the link to your Clipboard. The owner of a Drop can define who can download or upload files during what period of time. When the time limit of the Drop expires, all files in there are automatically deleted from the account and the SKyDrop server.
A “Drop” is a folder with files in your SKyDrop account. Every Drop can contain files with the combined total size of up to 10 GB ... and they are available up to 90 days. You can add or remove files to the Drop, send the link to email addresses along with a message directly from the Drop interface, or copy the link to your Clipboard.
To extend the time limit of a Drop simply click on the validity date displayed in the File drop information and choose a new date. Please notice: ... in the free version of SKyDrop you can do the extension repeatedly each time up to a maximum of 30 days. In the pro version the extension can be also done repeatedly for a maximum of 90 days each time.
The free version differs from the SKyDrop Pro in the storage space size and the time limit of individual Drops: ...
Storage space1GB10GB
Allow download by othersIncludedIncluded
Allow upload by othersIncludedIncluded
Allow comments to filesIncludedIncluded
Amount of File dropsUnlimitedUnlimited
Availability (default)7 days30 days
File drop extension30 days90 days
Amount of File drop extensionsUnlimitedUnlimited

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